Awakening of the Twelve - Part 2 (Coming in 2019/2020)

Additional Information

In Awakening Part I, the Titan Twelve completed the first part of their international vacation journey. They  spent time in Greece, Ghana, Egypt, Israel, Italy and Germany. They enjoyed meeting and getting to know the family members of the respective clans, their customs, culture, and religions. At the same time, they learned key aspects about the history of each country visited.

In Part II of the Awakening segment, the Titan Twelve move on to  the second leg of their vacation, a continuing journey that will take them to London, England, Stockholm, Sweden, Oslo, Norway, New Delhi, India, Moscow, Russia, Beijing China, Mexico City, Mexico and Ottawa, Canada. 

Unfortunately, the Titans are compelled to continue to fight the Dark Acolytes in Part II, until an all-out battle is forced upon them when they return to their homes in the United States.